Imagine if Gaming Had Always Existed
This is a children’s rhyming picture book intended to take the reader on a fun but thought provoking adventure. It prompts the reader to ask if excessive time spent gaming is preventing them from doing and achieving other great things. It hypothesises a past where our well known thinkers, inventors, scientists and artists have access to today’s digital entertainment, and subsequently fail to achieve the great things that they are now known for. This journey through time and place also introduces children to important historical figures, prompting conversation about their contributions to our world.

William, the lead character in the book had rarely experienced the benefits of boredom. That was until the day, his mum took his gaming machine away.

Without a source of endless entertainment, William was forced to think, wonder, question, imagine and create. He wondered what people did before video games were invented. He wondered what the world would be like if the video game had always existed. Using an old saucepan, a pair of headphones, some cardboard and bits of wire, he invents an imagination device to help him discover what the world could have been like if the video game had always existed. 

We follow William on his journey of imagination, through time and place. We see him witness great inventors, scientists, artists and writers being distracted by digital entertainment, moments before their greatest achievements. William begins to experience the consequences of this loss of human ingenuity and immediately utilises his imagination machine to go back in time and make things better.
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